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Jessie Eva


Founder of Sick Sit, Jess Eva is a fierce advocator for parental support. As a working mother of 2 she has identified the need to support families and is pioneering the way families are supported around the country.

She has spoken nationally for the Parental Stress Centre Australia.

Been nominated for an Australian Radio Award for her public battle with PND.

Has been labelled a Voice for Women by Profile Magazine.

Contributes regularly to various publications around Australia about her experience with parenting and the need for families to put less pressure on themselves.

Jess has worked in orphanages in India, Cambodia, Indonesia

And is involved in the Foster Care System on the Sunshine Coast.

However, Jess has been on the front line with working parents for almost half a decade with her own family. With no family nearby what happens when everyday families need support? In her words “You are absolutely left up a creek without a paddle!” “We are pack animals, that have been designed this way because we can’t survive, or we shouldn’t have to survive without someone giving you support. Sick Sit is a very simple concept, we are there for you without you needing to feel guilty

The culture of the company starts with your first impression. “When parents call us they’re obviously stressed about their situation, it is our job to make them feel as ease as soon as they contact us

As society evolves, we need to evolve the way we think about supporting families. It hasn’t changed for the past 20 years

As Jess continues to fight for parental rights, you can also watch her on The Block and listen to her on 919 SEA FM Sunshine Coast. However, watch this space as Jess says “We are expanding to the rest of Australia as soon as we can, we just need to ensure we get the perfect Sick Sitters. Because when you engage with us, we need it to be like your favourite Aunty is coming to help, and that’s our only standard we allow.”