Become Sick Sit Certified

Sick Sit trains all of their staff to be Sick Sit Certified. This is a National standard and allows carers to work anywhere in the country. Sick Sit have a very strict policy in place when it comes to recruitment. Sick Sit Certification is only offered to successful candidates.

What will the allow you to do?

Being a Sick Sit carer is part of a bigger movement, where you are making a real difference in the community. In our society today parents can find themselves under all sorts of pressures either directly or implied. Sick Sit carers allow this stress of having to do it all and do the ‘right thing’ by their family a little bit easier. At Sick Sit, we believe that every parent and employer should be supported and as a carer you are providing this important service. Applying is straight forward.

Step 1. Apply

Submit your application.

Step 2. Get Certified

Upload your current Blue Card / Working With Children Check, First Aid & ID for verification

Step 3. Begin Making a Difference

You tell us when and where you want to work, you are in control of your business.

Be in control

You control when and where you work, you take jobs that fit your schedule allowing you to keep your other commitments.

Cashless Payments

Sick Sit will process the payment for your care. Transparent and simplified, you never have to worry.

More about Sick Sit Australia

We are a group of fully qualified women with a blue card and first aid certificate. We adore children and our mission is to ease the stress of the modern day family. Why should you feel guilty asking for help? We are on call to give as much love to your little ones while they’re unwell as you would if you were home.​