About Sick Sit

We are a group of passionate people who are your 'on call family' so you don't have to feel guilty!

We are group of full qualified women with a blue card and first aid certificate. We are parents, grandparents, nurses, school teachers and childcare professionals. We have decided to work together to create a solution for the under supported modern day family.

Why should you feel guilty asking for help? We weren't supposed to do it on our own. However, for some reason we feel guilty asking for support. We are your family without feeling guilty, to provide any support you need.

How We Help

We are famous for looking after your children when they or you are unwell. However, we also help with: general childcare, cleaning, emergency school pickups, scheduled before and after school care, Au Pair.

Basically, think about what you struggle with and we will create a solution. Please see our services for more ideas:


Sick Sit in 3 easy steps

Step 1.

Select the area you need a sitter

Sick Sit is now servicing in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. We are expanding accross Australia fast, if you are interested in becoming a Sick Sitter please email us at jobs@sicksit.com.

Step 2.

Select a time and service

We have over 50 Sick Sitters available to choose from each with their own availability which you can see when booking. To get started simply full out the booking form and your Sick Sitter will be on her way.

Step 3.

Confirm Booking

Your booking will be confirmed by the Sick Sitter within 1-2 hours. You may re-schedual your booking at anytime as well by clicking the reschedule button in your email confirmation.